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Sonja Plecas is passionate and committed to working with groups and individuals to improve their quality of life and has developed a reputation for getting clients results in areas of their life where they have felt stuck for some time. Sonja is highly regarded and specialises in creating a unique and authentic therapeutic experience for each individual client. Her holistic approach enables Sonja to provide breakthrough & lasting growth & positive change for your  mental, emotional, relational, spiritual and physical health.


At the Holistic Psychology Centre we have extensive expertise and believe in a holistic Bio-Psycho-Social-Relational from the "inside and out" approach to reach your life goals, values & full potential. At the centre Sonja is dedicated to working collaboratively with you to promote lasting positive change through providing innovative evidence based client focused treatment, education, resources & coaching. 














Sonja Plecas Psychologist Life Relationship Coach North Sydney

Feeling tired..down..stuck...stressed? Need a change in your life? 

Sonja can help.... Beginning a holistic life of thriving is only a few steps away.

Sound interesting?

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