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Sonja provides Psychological, Counselling, Assessment & Life Coaching services in the following specialist areas:


- Mood related difficulties ~ depression-low mood & anxiety-panic related issues.

 - Affect & Emotion Regulation ~ irritability, anger, fear, guilt & shame.

 - Cognitive related difficulties ~ negative thinking & beliefs, excessive worry, poor concentration & motivation.


- Stress, adjustment & life transition ~ life-cycle, family, work & relocation issues.

 - Health & Wellness Coaching ~ life-style, holistic health, weight & sleep management.

 - Trauma & Bereavement ~ grief, separation, loss issues & resilience building. 

 - Chronic illness & emotional well-being ~ pain-health management & health anxiety.

 - Behaviour, Social & Personality difficulties ~ avoidance, co-dependency & insecure attachment styles. 

 - Relationship Coaching ~ peers- singles- couples issues, cultural-family of origin & relationship boundaries.

_ School, Peer & Academic difficulties ~ bullying, stress & behaviour management, self confidence & study skills.


 - Parent coaching ~ Adolescent behaviour, social & emotional management.

 - Addictive behaviours & breaking bad habits~  drug & alcohol issues, smoking cessation & procrastination. 

 - Perinatal, Infertility & Hormonal issues ~ ivf, pmdd, menopause & post-natal depression-anxiety. 


 - Peak Performance Coaching ~ public speaking, assertiveness training &  career growth.


 - Communication & Speech difficulties ~ stuttering, expressive language issues & social anxiety


- Personal & Self-development ~ body image, shyness, self-esteem,self confidence issues & imposter syndrome.


- Professional Work-Career Development & Communication coaching ~ intrapersonal & interpersonal skills


- Creative life coaching ~ overcoming blocks to performance, stage fright, auditions & career growth.


Professional Development- Coaching- Supervision ~ Psychologists, Counsellors & other Health-Business Professionals.


Please Note: Sonja is currently not accepting Couple or Family Therapy Referrals or Personality Disorder Referrals- including Borderline & Narcissistic Personalities.


Sonja is committed and dedicated to ongoing community and professional development and continues to undertake extensive training in a range of evidence based psychological therapies, research and treatment techniques. Sonja has an interest in working with Family Systems-Family of Origin Coaching and is pursuing further professional development in the area of energy psychology, relationship-attachments, emotion regulation, body work yoga-meditation, neuroplasticity & neuroscience.

Sonja also provides professional individual and group supervision and coaching to Psychologists, counsellors & other health and business professionals. 


Sonja DOES NOT provide services for work cover related claims, medico-legal purposes, insurance-compensation claims, legal matters and court related reports.

Sonja provides a dynamic and extensive range of evidence based treatment models in her practice including:  
Sonja Plecas Psychologist Life Relationship Coach North Sydney


Energy Psychology (Tapping-EFT/SET).                      


- Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 200.


- Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

                                                                                                         -  Somatic Psychotherapy (body work-psychotherapy).

                                                                                                          - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).                                                                                                                       


- Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). 

                                                                                                         - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).                                                                                                                         - Mindfulness - Compassion based Strategies (MBSR/MBCBT).

                                                                                                         - Solution Focused & Motivational Therapies.

                                                                                                        -  Schema focused & Gestalt based Therapy.


Family System Therapies- Family Origin Coaching.


-  Emotionally Focused Individual-Couple Therapies.





DISCLAIMER: This website and the services provided by Consultant Psychologist Sonja Plecas are not a crisis service. If you are actively suicidal and/or you need urgent assistance please go immediately to your local hospital emergency department. The contact phone number for your local mental health service is on: 1800 011 511and Lifeline can be contacted on 131 114.


Please note: The content on this website is not intended to be, nor should it be relied on as a substitute to the obtaining of professional advice. No warranties or representations regarding the quality, accuracy or fitness for purpose of any content on this website are made. Any persons accessing this site agrees to take full responsibility and shall have no right to seek any compensation for any loss or damage from any party associated with the website however occasioned.

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