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"Tapping" What is it & how can it help us?

The importance of Holistic health- Emotional well-being and the use of the tool Emotional Freedom Technique "tapping" has certainly been a predominant theme for us here at the Holistic Psychology Centre.

EFT is a ground breaking technique combining psychotherapy and acupressure, bringing together elements of exposure, cognitive therapy and somatic stimulation. Commonly known as ‘Tapping’, stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT’s developers see it as being similar to acupuncture but without the needles, and it has been referred to as ‘psychological acupuncture’. As with acupuncture, EFT stimulates various pressure points on the face and body to relieve stress, which then alleviates many psychological based concerns.

EFT is a powerful self-applied, stress reduction method based on extensive research that shows emotional distress contributes greatly to illness. EFT can address a range of issues (including chronic pain, weight management, anxiety, depression,trauma & stress) by simply focusing on the issue you would like to address with an acceptance statement, along with a simple two finger tapping technique. Here Dr Peta Stapleton, Clinical and Health Psychologist, and world leading Researcher and Trainer in EFT, explains more about EFT in her ‘How to do Tapping’ and Why it Works video:

The big takeaways from that talk: Our Holistic health & Emotional well being is crucial during this turbulent time. "Tapping" is a unique and simple life changing tool that anyone can use with the help of a trained therapist.

We hope you enjoyed this inspirational presentation.

We can help. For more info on "Tapping" & our other services feel free to browse through our website or contact us at the Holistic Psychology Centre on 9964 0099.


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