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"How to Hardwire your Happiness" The hidden power of daily experiences on your b

"Taking in the good" through self-compassion and connecting to out inner strengths and resources has certainly been a major theme for us here at the Holistic Psychology Centre.

In today's modern world we don't gather our own food, fight off wild animals, or live in caves and yet we're equipped with stone-aged brains. So how do we overcome our Negativity Bias that keeps getting in the way of our well-being?

In this talk Neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson shows us that with the power of positive neuroplasticity practice we can turn everyday experiences into a deep sense of contentment and change our brains, and our lives, for the better.

Def some self-care food for thought. We hope you enjoy this inspirational talk :)

For more info on our services feel free to browse through our website or contact us at the Holistic Psychology Centre on 9964 0099.

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