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How to Face and Cope with COVID-19

COVID-19 has certainly been a predominant theme for us here at the Holistic Psychology Centre. If you haven't heard of COVID-19 then I would say you are definitely living on a different planet. It is probably the most talked about and greatest impacting issue right now on an individual, systemic and global level.

Remember it's normal to feel anxious, uncertain, stressed, isolated, unmotivated, sad, lonely, frustrated and scared. We haven't experienced anything like this before in our lifetime. This is certainly true on a global level.

In this short FACE COVID animation Dr Russ Harris shows us strategies on how to deal with the Corona crisis using principles of ACT-Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

The big takeaways from this talk : Focus on what is in your Control, Acknowledge your Thoughts and Feelings, Come back into your Body, Engage in what your are Doing, Committed Action inline with your Values, Opening up to Emotions and Kindness, Identify Support resources and lastly Disinfect and Distance.

Remember to develop a "good enough" self care routine- limit your news viewing, worry time, screen time, judgment of self and comparison of others. Replace this with movement, mindful awareness, creativity, connection, compassion and empathy towards yourself and others.

We can help you through this uncertain time. For more information on our services please feel free to browse our website or contact us at Holistic Psychology Centre on 9964 0099.

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